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John McCarthy’s dream of future

A question showed up on Hacker News today: On: AI is hard, so just outsource the I , citing Outsourced Robot Brains.

It reminds me John McCarthy wrote on his website in 1995 that because Robotics and Artificial Intelligence had been progressing so slowly, but communication and internet technology has been progressing faster, it may be better in economic sense to developer tele serve to let developing countries provide labor service remotely to developed countries. This cost effective solution will bring win-win situation to make living standard among developed countries and developing countries better. Readers can check out his idea about making a world of population 12 billions in 21st century with basic living standard as United States in 1995 at least here, and the specific piece on tele serve here

John McCarthy has been a steady humanist and believes with effort, human being can build democracy, prosperity and ecology friendly world without making earthy worthy, that make him one time in old Usenet days, an archenemy among environmental activists. You can find out those in Google Group archive and Wikipedia entry of John McCarthy (computer scientist).

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