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RSS to PodCast

When I was in PubSub long time ago, probably around 2004, I was thinking about turning RSS feeds into voice mp3 files. I thought it would be great for people listening to their content based subscriptions while performing other tasks such as driving. I am lucky to live in New York City, where I can get by with our aging MTA system with a headphone on. But for most Americans driving is part of necessary evil in life. So why not providing some extra channels? I played around Mbrola and Festival and understood the quality is not what I expected, and I needed more support to spend time on making them work. But I thought there would be someone working on the idea. Idea is cheap. Execution counts.

I am glad that Odiogo makes that idea work! And they even have an Ad inserted podcasts plugin in WordPress! I am glad the quality is much closer to natural speech. It sounds very good, better than my accented speech, haha. So I decided to apply their service and add a podcast plugin into every post. So you can listen to my NSFW speech all the time on your way.

Next step, can we turn a hot page 3 girl picture into a series of giggling? I guess that probably a bad stereotype and some time look and voice are not really match.

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