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sitting by a budding model

In New York City subway, you always have a chance to meet strangers that may be hard for you to meet outside your normal social circle. On my way home today, I rushed to slide my Metro card to catch an uptown 6 train. I then noticed there were two runway model type girls sitting in my cart. Well, it is Spring street, part of the fashion business center in the city. Both are tall skinny Eastern European looks with high cheek bone, blond hair and blue eyes. It is going to be fashion show soon, they probably just finished a day with designers. The girl sat beside me looked at the other girl for a while. Then she opened her bag reading some documents. I was sorry that my curiosity made my eyes wander the piece of paper on her hands instead of her image reflection from window. Wow, Marc Jacobs and she is an East European like my guess. Cutting costs seems the most important business consideration today and Eastern European girls generally looks more fashionably skinny. She dropped off on 14th street. I wonder whether she is living in, Brooklyn? Or she may be living with a boyfriend who makes enough money to live in chic Union Square neighborhood. A budding model does not earn big check, otherwise she will not take subway like this. Maybe one day she will be famous, rich and whoever she aspires to be, just like everyone else here, running trading, writing programs, making music, designing clothes and hustling on the street. It is Manhattan, New York.

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