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Did I just see UFOs?

Around 9:55pm. I sat by my window in the back at my apartment at East 72nd st and 2nd Ave, New York City. I saw a bunch of objects flying in the sky. They all have wings like eagles. But they either glow the yellowish light or reflect yellowish light from somewhere. They flied just like birds, or more like insects. And the flying patter is really just like those computer simulation of flock of birds such as Craig Reynolds’ Boyd . I thought they are not airplanes. The number of them is around 10. (I didn’t count. And I have no courage to rush to pick up my camera because I thought they are going to disappear very soon) I feel whole duration that I saw them is around 1 minute. Then they all disappeared into cloud. (Or they just turn off the glowing…) Later, I saw two other lights, standard blue and red. That definitely is an airplane with steady pattern.

I waited for a while, then I thought I probably won’t see them again. Then I just rushed in front of my computer to blog this down.

I wonder any other people saw this. Is this a grand illusion of mine? But anyway, it is amazed that I can see something like this in New York City in a clear night. (I can see three starts, probably some planets in our Solar system).

Finally we can use RESTful apis from Google

I was reading Google Ajax Search api document last night. A new link in the page just came up.

Flash and other Non-Javascript EnvironmentsNew!
Geeze, I did not see anyone mentioned this on any blog recently. Maybe I am really not following trends closely. But this is a wonderful news. Even we can read the javascript code before from Google’s Ajax api and
use the mechanism unofficially, I am always not sure Google’s position in their interpretation of terms of services. Now this is basically open the door.
What this mean to all non Javascript environment may be meaningful. If you go to CPAN to see all implementations Google Search, you see all of them stop development after Google dropped is SOAP based search api. But now I think a renaissance for those development will happen very soon.
AJAXed with AWP