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I decided to reboot my blog. By rebooting, all previous posts were gone the instant I dropped the database. Some of them were indexed by Google and I expect them to disappear. I like to see how spam bots react. I also wonder how the ranking working after I remove past posts.Another reason for rebooting is that I received an email from my blog hosting company, Yahoo! Small Business. Now I have unlimited disk space and bandwidth! Bandwidth and storage capacity are no longer expensive resources but utility at cheap cost. So why not come back to use my site to do something interesting?Anyway, I also upgraded wordpress by myself instead of using Yahoo!’s old version. The old and nearly defunct PHP 4.3 (2 days to gophp5) seems have no problem with the new version of Wordpress. I guess this is the reason why PHP becomes de facto web development toolkit. It is easy to abuse it to write unreadable code while at the same time it guarantees simple installation and execution model that are robust enough from programmers mistakes.

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